Portfolio Visualizer – a free portfolio backtester

CNN Annuity Calculator

2014 study on car insurance. Median in Colorado is $1558.  In California, it’s almost $2000. On the left is a list of “Cheapest…” in each state. Click on that and you will be able to see car and home insurance in your state.

Trulia’s home price heat map.  Includes median price per square foot for houses sold in each zip code.

Percentage of people with subprime credit in over 3000 counties.

myRA that anyone can open directly with the Treasury Dept.

Historical data on SP500 prices, inflation adjusted prices, earnings, dividends

Shiller P/E ratio

Doug Short’s Advisor Perspective – a comprehensive set of graphs and analysis of major economic indicators

Federal Reserve FRED data and charts

BLS latest monthly employment bulletin

IRS 1040 Instructions (2016)
IRS Tax Statistics Home Page
Tax Stats specifically on Personal Taxes
IRS stats specifically on the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)
IRS FAQs on 529 Expenses

Mutual Funds
SEC FAQ sheet on mutual fund fees
A FINRA interactive mutual fund analyzer. Enter a fund ticker and this tool will give you the total 10 year return, profit and loss, and the total fees and charges.

Global debt clock

Global Portfolio

International Energy Administration – weekly reports on oil inventories and rig counts

Economic growth under 20th century Presidents