Prescription Drug Managers

A 1/15/10 Wall St. Journal article detailed a Dept of Justice case against Johnson and Johnson (J&J), accusing the company of paying kickbacks to Omnicare, a publicly held company (OCR) and a Medicare and Medicaid Prescription Benefits Manager (PBM). Omnicare is the country’s largest PBM servicing nursing homes. Prosecutors allege that Omnicare’s annual purchases of J&J products almost tripled to more than $280M.

In addition to the kickbacks, J&J paid bonuses to Omnicare for switching patient’s prescriptions from competitor’s drugs to J&J’s medicines.

PBMs typically negotiate prices with drug manufacturers and then add on a markup to their client, whether it be the U.S. government or a large Fortune 500 company. In an earlier blog, I related Caterpillar’s recent negotiations with Wal-Mart and Walgreen’s to lower their drug costs. How much could Medicare/Medicaid save by following a similar path?

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