Economic Policy

In January 2009, Bruce Bartlett, a former Treasury Department economist and the author of “Reaganomics: Supply-Side Economics in Action”, wrote an article encouraging a government policy emphasis on investment.

A Republican strategist who helped craft the tax cut policies of the Reagan era, he finds fault with the tax cuts of the Bush era.  In an examination of economic policy of the past thirty years Bartlett contrasts the Democratic and Republican policy branding.  “There is never a time when Democrats aren’t in favor of more health and education spending, aid to state and local governments, and so on–just as there is never a time when Republicans aren’t for tax cuts.”

The increasingly sophisticated gerrymandering of voting districts has lead to a polarization of the dominant political parties, driving out the very centrists of both parties who might steer a course between the ideologies of each party.  The arduous process of running for office surely discourages many sane and competent men and women who might otherwise toss their hat in the national political ring.  What’s left are ardent ideologues and large personalities pursuing their destiny.

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