A few trends that have caught my attention in the past month:

Credit card offers in the mail are down 77% in the past year.
Gold, bonds, commodities, and stocks are up. It is unusual for all of these asset classes to rise at the same time.
Women now account for 50% of workers, up from 35% thirty years ago.
Only 25% of workers aged 55+ have saved more than $250K for their retirement (excludes house equity and pensions)
On average, the Employee Benefit Research Institute reports that Americans aged 65+ get almost 40% of their income from Social Security. In 2007, the median income for those 65 and older was $18K.
If you had 60% of your portfolio invested in a mix of stocks and 40% in bonds before the banking crisis, you have lost nothing in the past year.
In the past ten years, the Federal Reserve reports (click on debt) that consumer debt has increased 63% and mortgage debt has shot up 135%. Debt in the public sector has almost doubled. Both federal and state debts have risen 95%. For perspective, the Consumer Price Index has gone up on 30% in the past ten years.

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