Money Ratios

A Denver investment advisor, Charles Farrell, has just written a book titled “Your Money Ratios” that should be part of a course for high school seniors. Mr. Farrell gives clear, simple guidelines for personal savings goals and debt ratios based on your income and age. The book lays out a game plan for making the transition from laborer to capitalist, from working for money in your twenties to having your money work for you to support you in retirement.

In simple language, Mr. Farrell explains many financial products that a person will encounter during their lifetime: stocks, bonds, various forms of insurance. He gives clear guidelines for mortgage and education debt as a ratio of your income and age. He compares the long term costs or savings of buying a house vs. renting.

His ratios are age-adjusted signposts, easy to understand and easy to use as a financial fitness check.

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