Hell House

If you rent you probably won’t be interested in this post.  If you own a house, even if it’s paid for, this AP article on false foreclosures by some of the biggest banks in America may surprise and anger you.  If your house is paid for and you receive a foreclosure notice, you might think that it is a simple paperwork mistake that can be cleared up with a few phone calls to the mortgage company filing the foreclosure.  You conclude that they have the wrong address on their records or a name that is similar to yours – mistakes that can be easily rectified.  You may find that you have just entered the twilight zone.

As you read the article, pay attention to the dates when these incidents occurred.  In one case, it has been fourteen months since the mistake was brought to the mortgage company’s attention and they are still “resolving” what should be a simple paperwork mistake that should take a few days.

Oh, and if you are out of a job, some law firms have several positions open as Vice-President for Foreclosures.   No experience necessary.

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