It’s been a tough trading or investing year.  So what investments have done relatively well this year?  The names below are either in the Dow Jones, S&P100 or are a group of investments.  The following are within 95% of their 200 day highs:

Abbott Labs
Bonds, Corporate – Short, Mid and Long Term
Home Depot
Altria (Tobacco)
U.S. Treasuries
Wal Mart
Utility Stocks

And the not so well.  The following are more than 20% below their 200 day highs.  Those with an asterisk are down more than 35%:

Blackrock (Investment)
Eastman Kodak*
Emerging Market Index
China, Brazil, Australia, Canada, Latin America Stock Indexes
Goldman Sachs*
Hewlett Packard*
JP Morgan*
European Index
Financials Index
Mining Stock Index

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