Small Business Lending

In a 5/5/09 WSJ article, Raymund Flandez focuses on the market for small business loans.

In February, 35% of new SBA loans of the most popular type were sold on the secondary market, up from 24% the previous month. Before the crisis in September 2008, 45% of these loans were sold on the secondary market.

At, where these loans are bundled and sold, bids for these loans have more than doubled since mid-March, when the Obama administration made a pledge to use $15B of taxpayer money to free up the secondary market in these loans. The government is guaranteeing as much as 90% of some loans. Before that pledge, the market for these loans had all but dried up, with volume totalling on $7.8M. Since then, volume has rocketed to over $67M.

Loan applications have more than tripled at Small Business Loan Exchange, an online marketplace which matches up borrowers with lenders.

Government Loan Solutions follows the SBA market closely and reports that the delinquency on the most popular SBA loan was 6.18%, the second highest rate in 10 years.

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